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We try so desperately to capture all our memories
On celluloid and stone, so we can look back when we’re all alone
When we inevitably become old and grey, our memories wiped away
All we have to do is hit play,
And watch them like a movie, our lives just like a movie

Will I remember the colour of the dress you wore,
to the wedding we attended
Or the people I’ve befriended, between Boston and DC
Will I remember the time I swore to you, how I would never leave,
How many years has it been
since we passed each other on the street

We cling so desperately, to a hope there’s something more,
Maybe life’s a revolving door, or a crystal cathedral in the sky
But I would rather, build my own heaven,
right here where I know I can attend
It just makes more sense to me,
our lives are just like movies live life just like the movies

Will I remember the way you styled your hair,
to the funeral we attended
Where everyone pretended,
they remembered when I was three feet tall
Will you remember laying under stars thinking this is all that matters
But now it seems impossible to even pick up a phone and call

Maybe, our heavens are in our fondest memories
Maybe our whole afterlife, happens in ten minutes of sleep
And maybe if we just live our lives, getting by each day
We’ll make enough of an impression,
so in the hearts and minds we’ll stay

Will I remember the colour of the dress you wore,
to the wedding we attended
Or the people I’ve befriended over the miles and years I’ve seen
Will I remember the open prairie skies
or those rocky mountain peeks
The freedom of no destination
as the world flies by from this window seat
And I close my eyes fall fast asleep


from 2007 - 2012 All the Songs, released July 2, 2014
from The Captain, released 27 March 2011
Recorded January 30 2011 by Keith Charlebois in Ottawa Canada




Jon Creeden Ottawa, Ontario

Forever in search of the world's best burrito, Jon Creeden & the Flying Hellfish will keep releasing records and playing sweaty shows until the quest is complete.

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