everyday, keeps piling up on top of the rest
and I never seem, to throw these calendars off my desk
getting up each morning is the hardest part of my day
if only I could, be explained in an easy and simplistic way

this overwhelming, stress of doing nothing's what i dread
no rest for me as I lay wide eyed in my bed
making sense of nothing is the greatest reason to live
as my mind shuts down, this pen cuts out and I feel

I have nothing left to give


from 2007 - 2012 All the Songs, released July 2, 2014
From the Cory Levesque, Jon Creeden Spit released November 2011.
Recorded by Cory Levesque in Rockland Ontario, October 2011.




Jon Creeden Ottawa, Ontario

Split LP Out Oct.29/2016
black, and very limited yellow
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A dude who likes hanging with friends, drinking beer and singing songs.
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